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Pastor Héctor Edgardo Caraballo was born on September 10, 1981 in Holyoke, Massachusetts. Pastor Hector was introduced to the Lord when he was born and was raised in the church in Holyoke where he was pastored by Efraín Villegas. At the of 17, he and his family moved to the state of Florida in search of better opportunities. It was at that age that he received the call to ministry and began to preach the Gospel in churches throughout the state of Florida as an Evangelist of Jesus Christ. In the early stages of his ministerial career he served as the main worshipper. He also founded and led a study group to equip members for evanglism in the church where his grandparents Wilfredo and Illean Caraballo pastor in the city of Saint Cloud, Florida. From a very young age, Pastor Héctor Caraballo always felt the evangelistic and pastoral call of God upon his life. Ever since  he was a child, when he was attending church in Holyoke, he felt a burning desire to work for the Lord.


At the age of 23 he became President of a Youth Ministry called "Built on the Rock Youth Ministry" of the First Christian Church Disciples of Christ in Kissimmee, Florida, where he served from 2004 to 2008. It was there where he would meet his future wife and native of Florida, Melissa Caraballo who was born on September 15, 1986 in Miami, Florida. They fell in love and got married in February 2009. Together they had two beautiful daughters Hope Olivia Caraballo and Haven Celeste Caraballo.


In April 2008, Pastor Hector received his Bachelor's Degree in Theology from the Central Christian University in Kissimmee, Florida and became a certified chaplain by the International Association of Hispanic American Chaplains in March 2011. Outside of ministry he worked for 13 years as a salesman in the household appliances industry. Currently, he is a Real Estate Agent licensed in the States of Florida and Connecticut.


In 2012, he and his wife were planted in Misión La Cosecha Church (MLC) in Kissimmee, Florida, where under the direction of Pastor Dr. Agustín López they continued to grow and develop in their ministerial appeal. It was during this time that God used his Pastor Agustín López as an instrument to confirm the pastoral call about his life and that of his wife. They never imagined themselves anywhere else outside of Florida. All his life and his family was there, but God had other plans for them that changed the course of their lives as mentioned in Scriptures in Proverbs 16:9 which says: "The mind of man plans its way, BUT the Lord directs his steps." When his Pastor Agustín López told them about the opportunity to pastor a Church in New Haven, Connecticut, Pastor Héctor and his wife agreed to say "Yes" in obedience to the call that they undoubtedly knew came from God. After leaving everything behind in Florida (family, home, career, church) he and his wife now serve as principal pastors at Casa de Oración y Adorción (COA) Church in New Haven, Connecticut since February 2019. During their short time they have been pastoring in the Church they have seen the hand of God moving in spiritual growth and in number of members. Throughout their challenging transition they have seen God's fidelity, support and provision at every step of the way.


Since their arrival, they have been seeing lives being saved, healed and restored for the Kingdom of God. Pastor Hector is a living testimony of what God can do when you choose to obey and trust Him. To God be all the glory forever and ever!

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